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A box of glass plates. Circa 1909
Pitcairn, Polaroids, and Margate. 3 things discussed while filming the next instalment of 4th Analogue Tribes film with Rhiannon Adams. 

Moving Objects 001. ‘When I met Daft Punk.’

Recently I moved my office and in the process of packing and unpacking  found a few bits that surfaced some stories.

In 1997 my friend Bob and I went to see what was at the time an upcoming band, the electronic music duo Daft Punk. 

That year they released their first album Homework and we managed to see them play live in Toronto, Canada to a crowd of only a thousand people or so. 

The gig blew our minds and ignited a passion for electronic music, we were even inspired to give it a try DJing (without much success!)

At the end of the gig, we hung around a bit and to our amazement, Guy and Thomas both walked out with their record crates in hand and we got
the chance to meet.

Luckily we had copies of their album (this was back in time where people carried CDs with them to play on their Walkmans). That night we were lucky not
only to meet them but also get it our
albums CD covers autographed.

I don’t have the CD anymore (I can’t remember last time I played a CD in fact) but I have kept this album cover as a memento of summer 1997 (and a gentle reminder that back then most of my friends called me Tony).

Photo and words by Anton.

Bonjour Yorkshire!
Missed dinner last night, but was worth it to experience John Brewer create this tintype portrait of Marizu. #collodion  (at Manchester England)
Brother & Sister.
Peter painted this blu-tack red, poked some holes in it and stuck it on a white surface… Could this be my 4 years old’s first piece of conceptual art… what is he trying to say!?
Today’s weather: Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy, with a chance of feather. #weather
Peter decided to take his Russia jacket and Bambi DVD into preschool today.